Hot tubs and saunas

“SQUARE” Barrel sauna for seven people

Price: 4,500

Manufactured in 2-4 weeks

1-2h ±`2050kg 30l  10

Sauna with a side entrance, aged dressing room walls!


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The standard set of this sauna includes:

  • The housing is made of a 43mm thick wall
  • Linden AB type sauna beddings and sauna panels (optional)
  • Sauna length 2.0 m
  • The length of the hallway is 2.5 m
  • The hallway has two windows (22mmx52mm), there are two windows in the sauna (22mmx52mm)
  • C-shaped benches with stands in the sauna
  • From dressing room loaded Finnish “KOTA” furnace
  • Tempered glass sauna door from the sauna
  • Wooden exterior door with lock (no glass, side entrance)
  • 4 stainless steel belts
  • Exterior body impregnation Red Cedar color
  • Standard electrical installation 220V, lighting (2 lighting points under the beds, 1 fixed in the ceiling in the anti-tank room)
  • 2 benches and / or bench with a table in the anteroom
  • The roof above the entrance door
  • Roof – SONATA-Cadillac brown tile bituminous
“SQUARE” Barrel sauna for seven people
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